accurate and easy to understand

"Private Line brochures are accurate and easy to understand. Private Line does an excellent job of updating their brochures routinely to keep up with changes in contraception and sexually transmitted infection information. These brochures help us meet our standards to provide information on benefits, risks, alternatives, inquiries, decision, explanation and documentation. We’ve been a satisfied customer for many, many years."

-Wisconsin Family Planning Provider Agency

very informative

"These booklets are very informative about issues that young adults and teens do not want to talk about. It's hard enough with the language barrier to find information that exists on these topics. I am glad that someone as taken the time to write this information."

-Registered Nurse

easy for teens to read

"Easy for teens to read. Nice side-by-side comparison for people trying to decide which method is for them."

-Health Department

great teaching tools

"Private Line brochures have been such a great teaching tools throughout my career."

-High School Teacher

easy ice-breaker

"Proud Pete was an easy ice-breaker to start talking to our kids about safe choices."


Private Line brochures are great teaching tools